Catia Massa - Nel bosco - Oil on canvas - cm 90 x 120


Pictorial energy and chromatic vigour represent the keystones of expression of Catia Massa’s art, interpreting reality through the frenetic rhythm of her brush strokes and a new visual language.
Her artistic expression shows a significant balance between past and present, determined by a reflection on figurative representation and the abstraction of the background, which merge into a two-dimensional image.
The use of colour is instinctive and vibrant, thanks to the brilliance of oil on canvas and tonal combinations evoking a strong emotional impact.
The spontaneity of the brushwork shows her urgent need to communicate and the frenzy of the stroke, vibrating on the panel in a fascinating dynamic game.
In her paintings, movement interacts with the light that comes from rosy complexions, creating an intense colour scheme.


Art Historian and Critic, Sabrina Falzone
July 2013
Catia Massa - In fondo al mare - Oil on canvas 80 x 100


The driving force of Catia Massa’s art, the result of a titanic dedication, is Nature, the mother of all the arts, pleasing, in this way, the eye of an attentive observer.
Playing with auspicious light areas and mysterious shadow areas, creating a complex symbolic scenario. This is the ultimate intent of this artist.
Research is the status of the language of colour. What lies, therefore, at the bottom of the sea?  
In a mysterious atmosphere, her work goes deeper and her colour analysis focuses more on representation.

Art Historian and Critic, Salvatore Russo
Boè Art Magazine
September-October 2010